Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fabulous Finds

Actually, LAST weekends fabulous finds....yea, it seems I'm always running a little behind lately... BFF Liz and I  spent last friday rummaging through other people's junk...a few garage sales, an estate sale, a couple of antique stores and several resale shops. And we had a BLAST!

This was my haul. And get this.....i spent less than $100 on all of it!! AND fit it all into my Camry, better know as Ruby :)

Some things I am keeping......others will be going to our booth in Canton next weekend. And a few I haven't quite decided yet.

Keeping for sure: white wire planter (this was actually my grandmothers and I picked it up at my mom's on the way home), bent willow piece inside planter, vintage bread box, wine barrel table (hubby removed the not so cute particle board table top and now it's perfect!), bolt of striped fabric and rusty old piece of fence.

Selling for sure: Sweetheart chair (oh how I adore this piece but I really don't have a place for it in my house and I do need to make some money this month! haha), white lamp shades (found two white lamps that fit them perfectly later in the week), brown ruffled lampshade and lamp (painted the old rusty brass in the same color as the trim detail on the shade and it is precious!) and two frames

Undecided: tall gooooorgeous mirror and  vintage canisters

There's a funny story to go with the bread box. I have been wanting one for a while. Liz and a few of my other junkin buddies have even been looking for me. Well, we were in the cutest shabby chic style antique store and all of a sudden there it was......AND right next to it was a cool old wooden crate stamped "Liverpool" (now to understand this you must know that Liz has always loved all things British. Her and her husband are both huge fans of their soccer team. Plus, he proposed to her in Liverpool. So of course she went nuts over this little crate) for the funny part....we both turned around and spied them at the exact same time and squeeled like schoolgirls. THEN we both noticed what the other one was squeeling about and started giggling and squeeling even more and almost jumping up and down. The shop owner came running out from the back because she thought something had happened or someone was hurt and there we were laughing and hugging. The look on her face was priceless!!

I believe the mirror is going to have to stay.....I mean seriously, how can i get rid of this original chippy, crusty paint and detail?? Yep, it's staying!! :)

Well, It's time to throw on the swimsuit (and coverup) and head to Mimi's house for a little poolside fun with the family! My sister and her family are in town for the weekend so we get to play catch up.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Don't forget to thank a veteran and pray for those who are serving our country now!!



  1. You lucky bitch! I am having the WORST luck on finding junk lately. You would think with all the garage sales, I would be having better luck. I need to come down to Texas one of these days instead!

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