Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Sweet Custom Design

Good Morning friends
Today I'm sharing a necklace that I designed for my dear friend and fellow Girls Gone Junkin buddy, Brenda. In the middle of a normal conversation at Canton last month she casually said "i have an old religious piece that I want you to look at. Maybe you can make a necklace out of it for me"......ok

So the next day she brings in this sweet little burlap bag and I'm expecting to find a small religious medal, maybe a, what lay inside was this beautiful, delicate,  hand embroidered antique masterpiece. It's a rather large piece with a felt backing and a ribbon loop to hang it. Brenda had already hand sewn the loop down to the backing to make a smaller loop and strung it on leather cording. 

Her only instructions were, "I want it to lay about right here (pointing to her chest) and just do your thing. You know my style and I trust you."

This is Brenda. She is a true hippie chick gypsyfied cowgirl. One of the sweetest souls you'll ever meet, clothing designer extroidinaire and absolutely precious. I love her and her style.

She takes risks and wears what she likes, and doesn't worry what other people think. I SO admire that!!

This is what I put together for her. She was so happy with the way it turned out and it looked absolutely stunning on her.

Working on this piece also reminded me how much I enjoy wire wrapping, which I haven't done as much of lately, and natural semiprecious stones.
I've already designed and completed a few new pieces that also incorporate antique hardware and I can't wait to share them with yall!

(I would have more photos to share with you but Blogger is not cooperating. Is anybody else having trouble loading photos?? Ugh)

I hope you all had a Happy and Blessed 4th of July yesterday. I did a little clean up and painting in my studio to get ready for the Where Bloggers Create linky party next weekend and then we went swimming and cooked out at my moms......I'm still full from dinner!! :)



  1. That is beautiful! What a fun piece of jewelry to wear. I love relgious themes like that. You're so talented.

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment Holli!

  2. wow a unique and wonderful piece!