Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Makes A Garden Shed A Shed?

Happy Wednesday!
I hope and pray all your kiddos are having a wonderful first week back to school.
When I asked my boys how it went yesterday the six year old said "It was awesome". The 12 year old said "It was cool. I finally got to see my friends." The 16 year old said "was alright". So I asked him a few more questions, trying to have somewhat of a conversation, but all I got were a few grunts and "i dunno, i guess".......teenage boys.......gotta love em :)

A few days ago I showed yall some pics of my garden shed at the new house. If you missed it, HERE it is.
And since the only project I'm currently working on is packing up everything we own...... not a whole lot to blog about there.....And because I'm SOOOO excited about our new house, I've been sharing a few pics from my "Ideas" folder with yall.

If you like kitchens or the color red, check THIS one out!

So, here's my question. What makes a garden shed a "shed"??
The term is pretty vague and encompasses everything from a giant rubbermaid storage bin to an elaborately constructed victorian mini mansion. It seems that as long as it's located in the garden or backyard, it can be considered a "garden shed".

Loooooove......oh this sweet little shed just speaks my language so well. I've always had a thing for antique blue houses. The simple shape is very similar to mine and the finials on the roof are such a cute cute accent.
Plus, the vegetable gardens on each side of the walk are to-die-for!

Rustic stone and cedar charming. I like the way this one is tucked back into the trees and bordered by the clipped boxwoods.

Another blue one :)

Same shed, different view. Oh this one is sooo sweet.

This tiny little shed is so precious. It looks to be made completely from vintage items and may in fact be. Almost reminds me of an old telephone booth. Love!

Too cool!! Cabin chic at it's finest!!

Yes! This is the ceiling in a garden shed. It is fabulous!!

Who needs a house when you have this??!! Gorgeous design. Perfectly in scale. Beautiful colors. Surrounded by beautiful gardens.......I'm ready to move in :)
A girl can dream, right?

Well I hope you enjoyed this little garden shed open house of sorts!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Precious Memories.....

Maybe it's because we are moving and starting a new chapter in our lives

Maybe it's because in doing so I have uncovered so many little pieces left behind by my grandparents and the flood of memories and emotions tied to those treasures

Whatever the reason, I have found myself deeply missing the two very special angels who were my grandmothers. They both passed away within the last year and although I know they are healthy, happy and reunited with Christ and so many loved ones that went on before them, the selfish little girl in me sometimes wants them back. I understand this is a normal emotion and it will pass and probably resurface again from time to time.....

My grandmothers were Bobby Jean Tucker (Grandmama, in photo above) and Bobbie Lea Mackey (Mama Bobbie, pictured below with me and mom). My sister and I share their middle names.

They were both incredibly strong women, enduring both physical and emotional pain with grace and courage. They shared a love of gardening which thankfully they passed down to their grandaughters as well :)

One was an excellent southern cook. One preferred to throw a pizza in the oven and color or play dolls with us while it cooked.

One was a skilled seamstress, quilter and crocheter. (is that a word?) One could paint anything, draw anything and play the piano by ear.

One was blessed with a kind, loving husband of 45 years. One was not so fortunate. Her fiance was killed fighting in WWII. She married a few years later but was left behind to raise her children alone. Not by death this time an abusive alcoholic that broke her heart and abandoned his family.

One was strong and healthy well into her 80's. One was burdened with health problems for almost 20 years.

Both loved flea preferring to scour the "junk" and discover the story behind every piece she preferring to find a new variety of plant or flower she hadn't seen and eat fried green tomatoes.

Both had beautiful handwriting. One wrote long letters to everybody she loved....oh how I cherish those sweet letters. One wrote out her favorite family recipes and slipped them in our Christmas and wedding  presents.

I am so thankful to have been blessed with such amazing women in my life and to have inherited even an ounce of their wisdom, talents, passion and strength.

It is for them that my little jewelry business is named. Not their actual names. One is a nickname given by an aunt. One is a name that is testament to a deep abiding love and faith.

If you're still here after all this rambling, thanks for hanging in there with me. For listening to the memories of an emotional woman/child.

blessings to you and your loved ones


Friday, August 12, 2011

Red Farmhouse Kitchen...

Dreaming of my new kitchen today.....

Those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning probably know that we have been in the process of selling our home and finding a new one for the last few months.

Caution: Lots of rambling ahead.....

 Initially, we thought we had ours sold before we even put it on the market....but the buyer backed out. Ugh.
Then the beautiful log home we fell in love with turned out to have some major structural issues that were just more than we wanted to take on. Ugh Ugh!

So, I quit blogging about the house all together until I had something solid to tell yall about!!
Well, to make a long story short, we listed with a realtor and got a contract within a few weeks! Yaay! We were so thrilled about this but at the same time, we still had to decide on a house to buy. Well, we did!! And we close on both houses in a couple weeks :)
More about that later.....

Ok, thanks for sticking with me this far, here come the pics

This was taken before the current owners began packing........this is not my decor :)

One side of the new kitchen.
I LOVE the red cabinets! The scalloped window and door trim is another vintage touch I adore.My dream kitchen would have distressed and antiqued white cabinets.....
...and these may get a makeover one day.....but for now, I really like the red. We WILL be changing out the faux wood laminate countertops and backsplash soon though.... and updating a few of the appliances.

Hmmm....Maybe something like this

The black granite looks amazing with the red cabinets!! Traditional with a kick!!

Or maybe something like this farmhouse dream.....

Oooh.....the mixing of the red and white cabinets, beadboard, wood countertops, black's just total farmhouse yumminess to me! And since I'm definately going to paint the built in hutch white in the dining room , which is open to the kitchen, this look would really tie it all together beautifully. Mommy liiike!!

If it were in our budget to do a total gut-it redo, I would open the kitchen up like this! I'm so drooling over this island!!

Sooo......Decisions! Decisions!!
Which one is your favorite?? Will keep you posted on the progess and be sharing more house pics soon!!

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Have a blessed weekend :)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beat The Heat & Some Summer Bling

Canton Countdown is ON!

It all begins in 36 hours!!

Here's a quick sample of a few of my new designs. It will all be in the shoppe this weekend at First Monday in Canton, Texas. We are located inside Canton Marketplace, on hwy 19 just before you get to the Original Grounds, where the air is nice and coooool!!....Booth 212 Row E.

Stop by and say Hi!

Also, I'd like to give a great big THANK YOU shout out to the super talented, super sweet Riki Schumacher of Romantic Relics for saving my hiney when I accidently deleted the link to her awesome tutorial on soldering rhinestones!! She was such a sweetheart and sent me the link again so I was actually able to finish the bracelets and brass cuffs I'd been working on!! Thanks so much Riki, you Rock!!

Ok...enough talk....onto the pics :)

My Vintage Bling Rings
I LOVE repurposing long forgotten clip-on earrings and turning them into one of a kind cocktail rings...ok, sometimes two of a kind :)

Antique belt and shoe buckles are one of my favorite finds and I love creating stunning wrist wear with them. This old belt buckle is particularly gorgeous. I actually squeeled when I found it!
 It's loaded up with various sizes and styles of chain, vintage rosary beads and my wire wrapped czech glass beads.
I'm so in love with this one.....

Another sweet bracelet. Vintage ladies watch faces, another clip-on earring, brass filligree, a few rhinestones for sparkle and lots of chain and wire wrapped beads. It's adorable.

Mmmmmm........big vintage rhinestones, an old button, vintage rosary beads and more chain in varying sizes and style. Yummy!!

I'm really proud of this little collection.....can you tell....sorry for the shameful boasting :) They're possibly my favorite pieces pieces ever.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Can't wait to see everybody this weekend!!


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My First Bead Swap!

Good Morning Blogville!

First up, I feel I need to apologize for my month of absence. Took a little time off with the family to finish up school and baseball, take a much needed that California sunshine......and just a little all around R&R.

Just before we left for Cali, I received the most beautiful little package in the mail from my Bead Swap partner, Debi from Life In My Studio. Let me just say that Debi is talented waaaay beyond words. Check out her blog to see the AMAZING necklace she created with the beads I sent her. I was speechless when I saw it.

This gorgeous little handmade tag was tucked inside with a sweet note.

Look at all these goodies! A vintage brooch, religious tokens, a sweet silver Paris charm and beautiful cream, turquoise and brown beads that remind me of the beach and our recent trip. There are even some little rhinestone rondelles and other sweet silver pieces.

Debi, thank you so much for such a beautiful, inspiring collection! I can't wait to get back in the studio and share what I create with these!!
Wishing you all a beautiful blessed day


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

See You Again Someday MamaBobbie...

Today we bury my MamaBobbie....I know that's sort of a funny name but, as I was the oldest grandchild and couldn't say Mawmaw, and my parents wouldn't let me call her Bobbie (that is her name and for some reason I started calling her that), I came up with MamaBobbie and it stuck.

These were taken last year on Mother's Day

MamaBobbie with her two daughters. My mom is on her left in the blue shirt and my Aunt Carol is on her right.

I hate that this picture isn't very clear. It is my most recent picture of her though, taken at Easter just two weeks ago.

These two are from my Crazy Christmas Sock Party in December....notice my mom cheesing big time with her cute socks :)

This was a bottle of peppermint swirled lotion and once she figured out what it was, she wasn't about to let it go! She and my friend Shelly, sitting next to her, swapped it back and forth all night (it was a white elephant style party) but in the end, it went home with MamaBobbie. She was fiesty! Gotta love that :)

MamaBobbie was one of the strongest, most independent women I've ever known. She had to be. She experienced alot of loss and hard times through out her 83 years on this earth.

She was also one of the best cooks and gardeners anywhere. Everybody in my family would fight over her fudge at Christmas..... It was actually more like a race! haha But she always saved a few extra pieces for me in her purse :)

She raised the same Bearded Iris that my mom grows. Many of the ones pictured in my post from a few weeks ago were hers as well. Even at 83 years old, she tended her beautiful backyard gardens, dozens of potted plants and her roses and azaleas in the front yard. Only last year did she finally relinquish mowing duties to my stepdad.

MamaBobbie was blessed with good health most of her life and in the end, she passed fairly quickly and in peace. She was surrounded by her five children, several of her grandchildren and her niece. I am so thankful I was there.

Please continue to keep my family in your prayers. I know I've asked that alot lately but it  has truly been a rough year. In the past ten months, I've lost both of grandmother's and my step grandfather....all of them some of the best people ever to walk this earth.

Thank yall so much


Thursday, April 28, 2011

TGIF and Frugal Flower Arrangement

What a week it has been!
Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers this week.

Grandown went home to be with the Lord on Easter morning. His pain and suffering has ended.

My friend Kandi's mother in law has been found and is alive and well. Her home was one of only four in the entire neighborhood left standing after lastnight's tornado is Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Please continue to pray for those who have lost so much.

Even though we have begun packing for the big move, I've decided to keep my sunroom intact as long as possible. I need atleast one pretty room in the house to keep my sanity!! haha

Bringing a little nature inside always makes me smile and
I'm so loving this gorgeous arrangement!!

Just a cheapo little boquet from the grocery store. Brought it home and plopped it in my Grandmama's old enamel pitcher.

Was a little sparse looking though so I trimmed a few branches......some with a few flowers that have yet to open, some just leaves......from our beautiful hydrangea bush. I also snipped a stray ferns from the lawn. These little buggers are insistent and are always sprouting up where they're not supposed to be.

This simple addition gave it just enough "oomph"!

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Wishing yall a wonderful, beautiful weekend


Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

At the moment I am really tired and words to describe this Easter weekend are failing me. Holidays are usually a busy time for us......rushing from family to laws, parents and step parents, can be a bit overwhelming at times. This time around things were a little slower, a little calmer (except for the kids entertaining us with their diving board tricks on Saturday....they were awesome)

Hubby had to work all weekend so the kiddos and I spent a Friday and Saturday hanging out at Mimi's pool. Temps are already in the low 90's here so it was a perfect way to relax.

I really should have done a little editing to this picture. You can barely see that sweet smile!

The boys even hunted their eggs from Mimi and Papa in their swim trunks!

Ok so Blake was too cool to hunt eggs this year...... :( growing up way too fast)

Brady found the prize egg!!

Me and my sweet Brady have done a little Photoshopping here too! Yikes!!

(FYI: I DO have another child but he is 16 and very camera shy!!)

Sunday morning I took the boys down to visit their dad's mother (dad was out of town and I know their Nana misses them. Even though their dad and I are no longer married, this lady helped me in more ways that I could ever begin to count over the past 17 years. Bringing the grandkids to see her for Easter was the least that I could do. She is a wonderful Nana to my babies.)

Here are a few pics from her beautiful country garden.

The jasmine was in full bloom and smelled absolutely heavenly. I love the way it completly covers this arbor. Next month the wildflower patch just beyond it will be full of Texas bluebonnets, daisies, Indian Paintbrush and many others.

Years ago a close friend got married in front of it and asked me to do the decorating. It's so pretty on it's own though so we simply draped a little white tulle and added candles.

I have always loved this old weathered birdhouse which sits atop another trellis in the yard.

It was a beautiful peaceful weekend.

 Even the passing of Grandown (my stepmother's dad) on Sunday was made better knowing that his suffering and pain were finally over. I have no doubt he was smiling from ear to ear as he met Jesus and his baby girl, Sue with open arms.

Wishing you all a beautiful week.


Mama's Garden

Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter weekend

Today I'm sharing a few pics from my mother's beautiful garden.

You see, Mama's garden is in the most unlikely a once-empty field next to their manufactured stone business.....right next to Interstate 20. When my parents originally bought this property they planned to renovate the old house (which you will see in the background of some of the photos) and live there, next to the shop.

Well, that never happened and basically the house is a huge storage building but Mama had already started a garden here and figured since they spend so much time at work, this would be a great place to escape for lunch or a little quiet time, so it stayed.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. She said the only way I can post these pics is to explain that we have had two very dry years and that is why you will see some large empty patches such as the one above. And she hasn't replaced the pinestraw mulch yet that usually covers the black paths. :)

Love the deep burgundy and gold in this one!

I was a little late in getting pictures. They usually peak around Easter but I forgot Easter was a little later than usual this year. When the Iris are in full bloom it is absolutely breathtaking. You woudn't believe the customers and passersby that wander out there in amazement. It brings her such joy to share the garden with others. Most of them leave with a pot of plants for their own garden. You see, Iris must be divided every 3 years so in a garden this size, something has to be divided every year. The women in my family usually make a weekend of it. Everybody takes some home, gives them away to friends. Whatever is left, we plant in recycled nursery pots. These little guys eventually make their way to a new home throughout the year.

My sweet Mama

Don't think I was supposed to post this one. hehe. But it really shows the garden well

I know.....getting a little picture crazy

Last one I promise.....

All these pics and I didn't get a single pink one. Mama's not gonna be happy about that! Maybe there's still a few left and I can run over there and snap a few!!

It's warming up fast here in East Texas. Temperature was 92 Saturday!!
 So I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of spring  before summer hits us like a brick wall.

One last note, please keep my family in your prayers. My stepmother's dad passed away early yesterday  after a lengthy illness. He was 87 and lived a long happy life but as you can imagine he will be greatly missed. How beautiful though that the Lord chose to bring him home on Easter :)

May you each have a blessed day