Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

At the moment I am really tired and words to describe this Easter weekend are failing me. Holidays are usually a busy time for us......rushing from family to laws, parents and step parents, can be a bit overwhelming at times. This time around things were a little slower, a little calmer (except for the kids entertaining us with their diving board tricks on Saturday....they were awesome)

Hubby had to work all weekend so the kiddos and I spent a Friday and Saturday hanging out at Mimi's pool. Temps are already in the low 90's here so it was a perfect way to relax.

I really should have done a little editing to this picture. You can barely see that sweet smile!

The boys even hunted their eggs from Mimi and Papa in their swim trunks!

Ok so Blake was too cool to hunt eggs this year...... :( growing up way too fast)

Brady found the prize egg!!

Me and my sweet Brady have done a little Photoshopping here too! Yikes!!

(FYI: I DO have another child but he is 16 and very camera shy!!)

Sunday morning I took the boys down to visit their dad's mother (dad was out of town and I know their Nana misses them. Even though their dad and I are no longer married, this lady helped me in more ways that I could ever begin to count over the past 17 years. Bringing the grandkids to see her for Easter was the least that I could do. She is a wonderful Nana to my babies.)

Here are a few pics from her beautiful country garden.

The jasmine was in full bloom and smelled absolutely heavenly. I love the way it completly covers this arbor. Next month the wildflower patch just beyond it will be full of Texas bluebonnets, daisies, Indian Paintbrush and many others.

Years ago a close friend got married in front of it and asked me to do the decorating. It's so pretty on it's own though so we simply draped a little white tulle and added candles.

I have always loved this old weathered birdhouse which sits atop another trellis in the yard.

It was a beautiful peaceful weekend.

 Even the passing of Grandown (my stepmother's dad) on Sunday was made better knowing that his suffering and pain were finally over. I have no doubt he was smiling from ear to ear as he met Jesus and his baby girl, Sue with open arms.

Wishing you all a beautiful week.


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