Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Makes A Garden Shed A Shed?

Happy Wednesday!
I hope and pray all your kiddos are having a wonderful first week back to school.
When I asked my boys how it went yesterday the six year old said "It was awesome". The 12 year old said "It was cool. I finally got to see my friends." The 16 year old said "was alright". So I asked him a few more questions, trying to have somewhat of a conversation, but all I got were a few grunts and "i dunno, i guess".......teenage boys.......gotta love em :)

A few days ago I showed yall some pics of my garden shed at the new house. If you missed it, HERE it is.
And since the only project I'm currently working on is packing up everything we own...... not a whole lot to blog about there.....And because I'm SOOOO excited about our new house, I've been sharing a few pics from my "Ideas" folder with yall.

If you like kitchens or the color red, check THIS one out!

So, here's my question. What makes a garden shed a "shed"??
The term is pretty vague and encompasses everything from a giant rubbermaid storage bin to an elaborately constructed victorian mini mansion. It seems that as long as it's located in the garden or backyard, it can be considered a "garden shed".

Loooooove......oh this sweet little shed just speaks my language so well. I've always had a thing for antique blue houses. The simple shape is very similar to mine and the finials on the roof are such a cute cute accent.
Plus, the vegetable gardens on each side of the walk are to-die-for!

Rustic stone and cedar charming. I like the way this one is tucked back into the trees and bordered by the clipped boxwoods.

Another blue one :)

Same shed, different view. Oh this one is sooo sweet.

This tiny little shed is so precious. It looks to be made completely from vintage items and may in fact be. Almost reminds me of an old telephone booth. Love!

Too cool!! Cabin chic at it's finest!!

Yes! This is the ceiling in a garden shed. It is fabulous!!

Who needs a house when you have this??!! Gorgeous design. Perfectly in scale. Beautiful colors. Surrounded by beautiful gardens.......I'm ready to move in :)
A girl can dream, right?

Well I hope you enjoyed this little garden shed open house of sorts!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Okay, I love them all! Found you via No Minimalist Here/On Sutton Place party. Pop on over for a visit when you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

  2. I have a shed but it doesn't look anything like these! Love the one with the blue shingles. Thank you for linking up to Open House Party!

  3. Lovely sheds! No Rubbermaid storage bin can ever compared to the real garden sheds, that is all i wanna say.

  4. The tiny wooden shed
    is lovely. I would love my garden to have one even if it is small. :)

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