Friday, May 25, 2012

American Pickers

No, not the television series where the two guys drive cross country pickin up super cool junk and antiques........just me and my lil guy pickin some delicious fresh fruits and veggies!

He's the best helper in the world so we have been out in the orchard most afternoons picking sweet juicy plums....I should probably make jelly with them but they're just SO good on their own. What we don't eat, we give away to grandmas and our  wonderful neighbor. The corn actually came from his field. He plants two HUGE gardens every year. Not because he loves fresh vegetables (doesn't eat them at all) but because he loves to drive a tractor and work the land. So he grows acres of sweet corn, peas, tomatos, watermelons, potatoes, name it, he grows it......and he gives it away to eveybody on our little county road! Needless to say, Mr. Metcalf is an AWESOME neighbor!!

I should really do a post on him. Truly a unique man. But for now, here's a few shots around my garden.

One of my favorite plants in our yard is our Texas Lilac. While it's not a true Lilac, its flowers resemble one. And since lilacs don't stand up well to our Texas heat,  this tougher, drought tolerant plant is our version. Bees and butterflies love it and to me, it's just so beautiful. of my favorite flowers. It's getting a little hotter every day here and these guys are lovin it! I can't imagine summer without daylillies. I am blessed to have many of them passed down from my mom and grandmother, as well as the lady we bought our house from last year. She loves them too and there are hundreds of them in my yard!

I can never remember the name of this plant (maybe one of yall can help me out) but I absolutely love it. So light and airy. It meanders around the other flowers and fills in without being invasive. Love!

Jasmine.....oh the fragrance from this one will melt your soul.....this must be exactly what heaven smells like :)

Beautiful golden tomato blossoms. This shot was taken by my Brady (in first photo with me) in his Nana's garden. It's so neat to see the world from a little guys perspective. I didn't even see these tiny blooms but the were eye level for him. And what a great moment he captured! The light is gorgeous!

Well thats it! Thanx for stopping by :)

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